React JS Training

Learn React and Redux including new features like hooks, context, error-boundaries, portals etc

  • 24 hours of Instructor led Training
  • Immersive hands-on training
  • Work on projects and assignments along with Mentors
  • Master Components, JSX, State Management, Routing, Hooks and much more
  • Develop rich internet applications using React and Redux


Why should I learn about React JS?

React has become one among the most popular and efficient JavaScript front end libraries over time. Developed in the labs of Facebook, React aids in curating apps with more ease, scalability and robustness. This is the reason why most organizations prefer using React and there is a huge demand for React experts and developers.

Is this course right for you?

Web developers, designers, bloggers, students and even entrepreneurs who wish to promote their websites, will greatly benefit from this React JS certification course.

What do you need to be familiar with?

You required to know the following - Basic HTML and CSS skills Intermediate JavaScript with strong knowledge on functions, scope, closures, callbacks, promises and async/await

What You Will Learn

This course will teach you how to use ReactJS to develop single page applications. The other things you would learn in the react js training course includes:

This course will teach you how to use ReactJS to develop single page applications. The other things you would learn in the react js training course includes:

  • Understand how Single Page React application is different than traditional web development frameworks
  • Code using new ES6 language features
  • Develop an application from scratch using latest version of React
  • Understand the benefits of unidirectional data flow
  • Understand and use React Router, Redux, Redux Saga and other popular libraries
  • Creating redux middleware with Redux saga
  • Taking the advantage of react and redux dev tools for better debugging
  • Taking the advantage of immutable.js library to follow the immutable state principle
  • Unit test React components, redux using Jest, Enzyme and sinon
  • Implementing server-side rendering for SEO benefits and to reduce initial load times
  • Understand webpack bundler and its killer features like code splitting, lazy loading, tree shaking, hot module replacement
  • Create, build, and deploy react applications to cloud
  • React ecosystem and sources for good third-party libraries

Who can attend?

  • Those who want to learn React JS and implement on large projects
  • Candidates who aspire to build a career as a React JS developer in market but don't have enough skills
  • All those who want to start freelancing.

Tuiren Experience

Learn By Doing

Immersive Hands-on training with combination of theoretical learning, hands-on exercises, group discussions, assignments and intensive Q&A sessions.

Live & Interactive

Ask questions, get clarifications, and engage in discussions with instructors and other participants.

Mentored by Industry Experts

Get Mentored by Industry practitioners having more than 10 years of experience.

Reason based learning

Don’t gain just theoretical or practical knowledge. Understand the WHAT, WHY, and HOW of a subject. Simplify the subject matter and get in-depth comprehension.

Code Review by Professionals

Get reviews and timely feedback on your assignments and projects from professional developers.

Build Projects

We emphasize on learning the concepts through examples and help you in building a portfolio of projects through the course of training.

Lifetime Enrolment

Free lifetime enrolment into any of the upcoming batches to help you refresh the concepts.

Curriculum designed by Experts

The Curriculum goes through multiple levels of design and preparation by the experts to keep the topics/modules relevant to everyday changes in technology.

Study even from remote locations

Learn to use collaborative mediums to share opinions and improve your coding skills with assistance from the instructors and other participants.



Use your skills of react, redux and redux saga to build an e-commerce application that sells electronic products online.


Use your skills of react, redux and redux saga to build an application that provides details of famous books in multiple genres - a mini project like wikipedia but limited to book details.

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